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March 22, 2012
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Profile: The British/American Cooperative by kildeez Profile: The British/American Cooperative by kildeez
The first national profile of my Modernkinds divergent timeline [link]

Made with MS Paint and [link]

Next: The European Union ([link])


Name: British/American Cooperative
Capital: Washington, DC
Government: Federal Democracy
Status: Superpower
Racial Composition: 60% Human, 15% Kiedran Tiger, 15% Kiedran Wolf, 10% Basitin

Divergent History: Formed after Napoleon’s conquest of the Scandinavian nations in the early 1850s, the Cooperative is not a single nation, but rather a permanent alliance between the British Empire and the United States of America. Though both nations retain independence and continue to handle domestic affairs in their respective capitals, there exists a high-level of collaboration in foreign and domestic policies througout the Cooperative’s territories, all coordinated from Cooperative HQ at the British embassy in Washington.

Born out of the fear of a French invasion of the British isles, the Crown approached her former colonies with an offer of a permanent alliance in exchange for American aid in the coming battle for England. The Americans accepted, hoping to use the Empire’s support to enforce the emancipation of the Kiedran Tiger slaves while avoiding an all-out civil war with the slave-holding South. The gambit paid off for both countries. Napoleon, now an old man preparing for an invasion of the Ottoman Empire, was in no mood for a war on two continents and sued for peace, and the timely arrival of British troops on the fields of Bull Run led to a swift defeat for the short-lived Southern Confederate rebel cause.

Since the nineteenth century’s end, the Cooperative’s focus has shifted from Europe to Asia with the rapid expansion of the Qing Empire. The goal of containing Chinese influence has driven Cooperative policy throughout the twentieth century, leading to the occupation of Mexico and, more recently, the invasion of the Carribean nations. Though many experts within the Cooperative’s borders debate the legitimacy of the Chinese threat posed from these nations, it is rapidly becoming clear that the Cooperative does have plans to continue expansion throughout Latin America. Whether this is to combat an actually percieved threat or to secure the Cooperative’s power base in the Western Hemisphere on the eve of a conflict with the Qing Empire is also up for debate.

With an annual military budget that expands each year, the Cooperative fields the most technologically advanced military on Earth. In addition, the Cooperative is one of four nations publically known to possess nuclear weaponry.

Kiedran, Basitin, and other references to Twokinds are property of Tom Fischbach ([link])
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A good attempt but I think the borders would have changed from modern since Napoleon's time. For one thing there wouldn't be a united Germany of the same size and shape as at present. Just a thought.
Your input is appreciated.
WhippetWild Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very interestingh.
can someone kindly guide me to where I can learn more about the Kiedran Tigers & Wolves and the Basitin??
Right, crap, thanks for the reminder.

WhippetWild Apr 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem. and this story looks good and rather cute for my soft mind :)
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